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Why Marijuana Does Make My Eyes Red, and How Can I Fix It?

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Written By Darren M. Jorgenson.

April 5, 2022

Red Eyes

Cannabis use, puffy eyes, and high are often associated terms.

Instead, these terms go hand in hand!

  • But why are these terms associated?
  • And how does it make the eyes bloodshot?
  • Does only smoking marijuana leave such effects, or can any other consumption form result in the same outcome?
  • And the essential thing, how much time will it take to make the eyes normal again and what can you do to make it all fine?

You probably don’t know, but there is a complete science behind it!
Yes, you heard that right!
So, let us get acquainted with the complete piece of information about it.

What is the science behind it?

Marijuana is composed of ample active ingredients. THC is one of those cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. These compounds interact with the cannabinoid receptors that are a part of the endocannabinoid system.
This endocannabinoid system is found throughout the body, especially in the eyes.
The cannabinoids bind with the cannabinoid receptors and lead to dilation induction.
This further causes the widening of blood vessels while increasing the blood flow to specific areas.
And as a result, it causes an overall decrease in blood pressure.
This increased blood flow to the eyeball leads to a red appearance.

    Why does marijuana make your eyes red?

    Being a natural plant, how does this marijuana lead to making the eyes bloodshot?
    Is it only the reaction to THC, CBD, or a combination of both!

    There are two primary reasons behind it!

    1. THC lowers the blood pressure

    The primary constituent, “THC,” present in marijuana, lowers the blood pressure and leads to causing the capillaries and blood vessels to dilate.
    Some of these dilate occur in the eyes that are commonly known as ocular capillaries, and as the THC enters the body, these ocular capillaries also dilate.
    This allows the augmented blood flow leading to make the eyes appear to be reddish.

    2. Allergy from cannabis or smoke

    This might be a less common reason but can be a primary one for many.
    There is a possibility that irritation to cannabis or the smoking consumption method may also redden the eyes.
    But why do eyes get red after smoking?
    This is possibly due to allergy or irritation due to smoking.
    And probably, it may be a standard universal reaction to any smoke type that leads to irritation in the eyes resulting in redness within the eyes.

    But does that mean changing consumption methods can be helpful?

    You might be thinking that changing the smoking consumption method to choosing an edible or topical might help, right?
    Well, probably that is not necessarily the case as the cannabinoids are the ones that are responsible for making the eyes red but not the consumption method.
    It clearly doesn’t matter how you intake the THC into your body, but what matters the most is the THC dosage and percentage of the elements.
    You need to take medicine in sufficient dosage and quantity!
    Having the same in a higher dosage than required might make a person feel high while making their eyes blood red.

    Does Sativa make your eyes red?

    Whether you consume Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid one, you have bloody red eyes due to the potency levels the strain contains. There is nothing to do with a specific category. It depends on the constituent’s levels only.

    Does it mean that the redder the eye, the better the strain?

    The blood pressure and how red your eyes become ultimately depend upon the THC amount you are consuming.
    The greater THC concentration in a cannabis strain means that the stronger effects you will have, and your eyes will also become more redder.
    So, is that a sign that you have it the right way?
    That is possibly a sign that the cannabis you are consuming for your health condition has a high THC content, and there are good chances that you have chosen a highly potent strain for yourself.
    Well, the concept doesn’t end here.
    Having a highly potent strain might not always help you!
    Probably you might need a strain that is not as high as the one you are consuming.
    It is always good to get the appropriate strain identified by the medical doctor to avoid the red weed eyes in such a case.

    How to get rid of red marijuana eyes?

    Ample experience high red eyes after consumption of marijuana. However, resting and taking a sound sleep is an excellent way to deal with it.
    But what if you have got bloody red eyes when you are high, and you just wanna look all fine without having red eyes?
    In that case, choosing some metrics to get rid of it might help.
    Here is how you can do that!

    • Use several over-the-counter eye drops explicitly designed for redness, eye allergies, and itchiness.
    • When your eyes’ capillaries are swollen with the blood, choosing a cold compress or an ice pack for the closed eyelids might help decrease the blood flow.

    However, there is a common misconception that drinking more water and staying hydrated might also help reduce the redness in the eyes. But unfortunately, this is completely false as the redness in the eye is not due to dehydration, so increasing the water intake might not help.

    Bottom Line!

    The eye redness due to marijuana might be due to several reasons, but whatever the reason is, the primary solution is to choose the strain that is right for you.
    Seek a medical professional’s help and get yourself on track to choosing a perfect healthy strain for your condition.

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