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Smoking Weed With Concussion Does it Help or Harm?

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Written By Darren M. Jorgenson.

March 21, 2022

Smoking Weed With Concussion

People try standard treatment when a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs while playing or because of an accident or a fall. They usually use ice on the head, get good sleep, rest in a quiet and calm environment, or drink water as concussion treatment. But, sometimes, the headache feels unbearable. Most people go for the prescribed medication, or if the concussion is severe, in that case, they need to go to a doctor and get monitorization.

However, many internet users and studies state that medical marijuana or cannabis products can effectively treat concussions. Let’s check out the facts of smoking weed with a concussion to find out whether it is true or not:

Can You Smoke Weed With A Concussion?

According to the American Academy Of Neurology’s study, medical cannabis can be used as an option for concussion-related chronic pain treatments. It can alleviate the symptoms of concussion or traumatic brain injury. The study was based on five common concussion symptoms, including mood, sleep, attention, headache, and dizziness.

This study found significant improvements in mood, sleep, and headache. Also, as per the study results, the quality of life after concussion scores of patients who had started marijuana improved significantly compared to those who did not use medical marijuana. This study is a foundation for further studies to find out:

How medical marijuana can change the life of a person who is suffering from concussion and chronic pain. And is weed good or bad for concussions?

However, many professionals and experts claim that concussion patients should avoid smoking weed. If they smoke it, they should be a little more careful. There are a few risks related to weed use, which can lead to stroke as well. And no one wants this after a traumatic brain injury, will you?

That is why it is essential to get a doctor’s recommendation regarding whether smoking marijuana is bad or good with a concussion before going for self-treatment.


What Are The Effects of Medical Cannabis in Concussion?

As mentioned above, not much research states the benefits of marijuana with a concussion. But these researches create many theories about how cannabis works with an injured brain and what may be the effects of marijuana products. Here are some of the positive effects of CBD and THC products:

  • Alleviate Pain
  • Combat Depression And Anxiety
  • Control Death or Damage Of Neurons
  • Help With Nausea
  • Improves Appetite
  • Perform Antioxidant Action
  • Prevent Chronic Traumatic
  • Encephalopathy CTE ( CTE is a severe condition for professional athletes)
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Support Cognitive Functions After The
  • Concussion
  • Treat Migraine

These effects are not only theories. Various scientific researches prove these effects. The National Library of Medicine published a report of Tel Aviv University’s experiment on mice. They found that the mice show considerable improvements after limited doses of cannabis, which suggests marijuana can be an efficacious remedy for brain concussions.

Some other researches state that the neuroprotective and antioxidant properties of cannabis products make them an efficient treatment for TBI and age-related brain ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps to prevent stroke and other health issues.

Does Marijuana Help Patients With Concussion?

If you are still confused and the question “is it bad to smoke weed with a concussion” is still floating in your mind, this information will help you resolve all your queries.

As you know, many US states legalized medical marijuana for treatment purposes with the help of a medical marijuana card. But your state should have chronic pains or concussions as a qualifying condition. And you should have an MMJ card recommendation signed by a registered doctor to obtain a medical marijuana card. Well, let’s move to the main question: Does weed help patients with concussions?

After getting results from many clinical trials, surveys, and other reports, it is confirmed that medical marijuana has beneficial properties which help treat people with concussions. That means smoking cannabis can be a valuable addition to concussion treatment. Also, it works as individual therapy to treat brain injury. It is a shocking fact to know that marijuana does not only protect your brain after the concussion or TBI, but it also protects the brain before as well.

According to research published in The National Library Of Medicine, Cannabis products with THC can administer before the accident, and it may save lives! Even the researchers could not define how the marijuana mechanisms work. Still, they were able to find out the connection between cannabis and low mortality in vehicle accidents. That means the persons who used marijuana before the accident. They were barely got a severe injury or damage.

Which Marijuana Strain helps Patients With Concussion?

However, no particular strain name was recommended in any research when it comes to which strains a person should choose. Because according to the researchers, patients with concussions need both THC and CBD-infused strains.

But, make sure that you will need to connect with a professional who will be able to recommend the right amount of THC and CBD levels. So that you will be able to purchase the right quantity and suitable strain of medical marijuana.

Final Thoughts

You can see clearly that smoking marijuana with a concussion is not a bad idea. Smoking a limited amount of weed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) does not cause severe side effects. In fact, smoking cannabis is a better and safer solution instead of traditional FDA-approved drugs.

Still, if you are going to smoke it without recommendation, it may cause you a negative effect. So if you have a concussion, get in touch with a medical professional. And, if the professional recommend marijuana as a part of treatment, use a limited dose as the professional mentioned. This may help you heal as well, as you will be able to recover without any side effects.

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