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IS CBD Helpful in Boosting Your Sports Performance?

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Written By Darren M. Jorgenson.

July 17, 2021

Is CBD helpful in boosting your sports performance

Athletes go through tremendous stress levels while physical training and even before the final performance. The stress of winning, performing well, and whatnot, everything is so stressful for the athletes to keep their performance up to the mark.

CBD is gaining a lot of attention in sports, and more athletes are getting curious about the potential of CBD to improve their performance and also help them to recover quickly from the intense workouts. CBD is indeed counting as a supplement, and even everyone is wondering about its effectiveness for athletes.

An athlete’s life is all about rigorous physical training, pushing the body, going through tough competition, and an optimal functioning mind and body. Athletes work hard to prepare for sports events, and CBD could offer multiple therapeutic applications that are useful to them. Therefore, it can be a promising addition to an athlete’s overall health and wellness regime.

What is CBD?

CBD is non-psychoactive cannabidiol, a therapeutic agent present in the cannabis plant. According to the recent review studies of scientific literature, CBD may exert several physiological, psychological, and biochemical effects with the potential to advantage athletes.

CBD has been a curative constituent adhering to medicinal properties. And it is said that CBD may also improve an individual’s sports performance by diminishing anxiety, stress, and inflammation.

CBD is one of the 100 constituents found in cannabis. CBD is extracted from the stalk and seeds of a cannabis plant, so it is a natural botanical concentrate that comprises less than 0.3 percent of THC. And as the THC content is so less, it will not make the users high.

Even the increasing number of fitness enthusiasts are considering CBD as a critical part of their recovery regimen. And you would be amazed to know that professional athletes are also supplementing with CBD oil to reduce inflammation, chronic pains, ease competition-related stress, and enhance sleep quality.

To Keep The Body In Good Shape – TAKE CBD DAILY!

Athletic performance and CBD

You must be familiar with the infamous term “runners high.” No, this is not related to the high feel after drugs or alcohol consumption. But it is about the hard-earned bliss and fulfillment that is felt after having an intense workout.

This high is not only caused due to the endorphins as anandamide also plays a crucial role. Anandamide is basically a fatty acid neurotransmitter, which is identical to THC. So, after the intense workout, anandamide is detected at an elevated level. But the essential concern here is what anandamide is?

Anandamide is a bliss chemical naturally produced by the body and is also responsible for creating euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, and well-being. Coming particularly to the CBD association directly increases the anandamide amount in the body, resulting in increased health benefits and decreased side effects. Using CBD can help improve sports performance in several ways. Wondering how? Here are a few health benefits of CBD on sports performance.

Benefits of CBD for Sports Recovery

  • Reduces inflammation

The latest studies suggest that CBD can reduce post and pre-exercise inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help you recover faster, avoid delayed muscle soreness, and improve training.

  • Relaxation and Sleep

CBD is a well-known constituent to support health and sound sleep cycles devoid of causing drowsiness. Having quality sleep every night is one of the crucial aspects of recovery. During quality sleep time is when the body repairs, balances hormones, recharges itself and drops fat.

  • Pain relief

Medical Cannabis is an analgesic that helps in alleviating pain after and during the workout. Several athletes use CBD for their post-workout to help manage the pain from sore joints, older injuries, and muscle aches.

  • It is an Anti-Catabolic

Research studies have shown that CBD constituents have anti-catabolic properties. This indicates that it can help diminish the breakdown of lean muscle tissues and can also help to build more mass. It decreases the number of catabolic hormones in an individual’s body and regulates the stress hormone called cortisol that breaks down the muscle tissues.

  • Reduction of muscle spasms

Muscle sprains, nerve damage, and dehydration are a few causes of muscle spasms. Cannabinoids have antispasmodic properties and, when supplemented with CBD oil, can help reduce muscle spasms.

  • Decreasing nausea

Performing intense workouts can cause the blood flow to be diverted from the stomach. This may result in nausea. But the antiemetic effect of CBD can help in reducing nausea after and during the exercises.

  • Increases appetite

Intense workouts indeed require additional calories for optimal recoveries. CBD oil can help to stimulate the appetite in a healthy manner.

  • Cardiovascular Support

CBD has the capability to lower down blood pressure and diminishes inflammation. However, CBD is being researched as a curative solution for cardiovascular diseases.

How to get started with CBD?

Including the CBD supplements in the sports recovery and post workout routine is easy but requires recommendation obtained from a medical doctor. The doctor recommends the strain and consumption method best suitable for your health.

Best Marijuana Consumption ways for sports person

  • CBD-infused protein bars
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Topical

Bottom Line!

Though recreational weed is legal in California, it is essential to understand the benefits of accessing medical marijuana with a medical card that is not accessible to recreational users.

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